Sunset Cliffs Park is comprised of two sections, a "Linear Section" and a "Hillside Section". The "Linear Section" consisting of the west cliffs edge side of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, from Adair Street to the corner of Ladera Street and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. The cliff edge to the guard rail on the west side of Sunset Cliffs Blvd. The "Hillside Section" Consists of 50 acres south of Ladera Street, west of Point Loma Nazarene University, and north of the U.S. Navy Land. The "Save Sunset Cliffs Master Plan" for both the "Linear" and "Hillside" sections of the park is to stop the erosion. With the new " Comprehensive Storm Drain System" the park will stop eroding and we can start to address a few specific issues that need to be addressed within the park. They are as Follows:
1. Sunset Cliffs Surf Culture: The benches and other memorials that are placed in Sunset Cliffs Park will not be removed by the city. The Sunset Cliffs community will govern what memorials stay and go in the park.
2. Beach Access: There will be no new accesses built to base of the cliff or beaches in Sunset Cliffs Park. The beach accesses will be maintained in their current locations and maintained in their natural native state. The new " Comprehensive Storm Drain System" will stop the storms from damaging the trails during the winter, and allow them to be up-kept much more easily. 
3. Trails System: The access to the Sunset Cliffs Coastal Trail will be limited due to danger at the cliff edge. The guardrail will be replaced from Adair Street, to Ladera Street, and all of the current access points,( sections newly removed from rail on coastal cliff) be closed to prevent foot traffic on the cliffs edge.
4. Parking Lots: The Parking Lots will be repaired and maintained in their exact configuration. The Parking Lots will be curbed and a drain installed to stop any erosion. These Parking Lots are a huge park of the Surfing culture of Sunset Cliffs Park. It is in these Parking Lots that generations of Surfers have come to gather, and these Lots themselves are very famous in the history of surfing not only to San Diego Surfers but to Surfers all around the world. 
5. Leave the Houses in the Park:
6. Replace Signage in the Park:
7. Leave The Grass Field:
8. No permanent Restrooms in the Park.
9. No Park Ranger in the Park.
10. Re-Vegetation will be drought tolerant.

last bench standing

In the last 5 months the city has continued to cut the guardrail to the cliffs edge to allow more foot traffic on the cliff edge side of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard creating a makeshift trail. They have also lowered all of the "DANGER" signs to one foot off the ground and created foot traffic crossings in the parking lots that are very dangerous. The Cliffs Edge at Sunset Cliffs is very dangerous, there have been 6 people who have fallen off the cliff this year with 3 falling to their death, 2 partially crippled for life. and one very lucky girl with only a broken leg.

We need a Storm Drain on the cliffs before we lose the boulevard, and much better signage to keep people back from the cliffs edge and not inviting more people to the cliffs edge with a make shift trail and lowered danger signs. Creating a trail along a cliff edge is a liability to the city, our benches are not. It is "Pay to Play" Politicians that have got their hands in our park. Join Save Sunset Cliffs and help keep the City from destroying our last piece of native parkland, and push to get a state of the art storm drain system to save our park and boulevard.