last bench standing

In the last 5 months the city has continued to cut the guardrail to the cliffs edge to allow more foot traffic on the cliff edge side of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard creating a makeshift trail. They have also lowered all of the "DANGER" signs to one foot off the ground and created foot traffic crossings in the parking lots that are very dangerous. The Cliffs Edge at Sunset Cliffs is very dangerous, there have been 6 people who have fallen off the cliff this year with 3 falling to their death, 2 partially crippled for life. and one very lucky girl with only a broken leg.

We need a Storm Drain on the cliffs before we lose the boulevard, and much better signage to keep people back from the cliffs edge and not inviting more people to the cliffs edge with a make shift trail and lowered danger signs. Creating a trail along a cliff edge is a liability to the city, our benches are not. It is "Pay to Play" Politicians that have got their hands in our park. Join Save Sunset Cliffs and help keep the City from destroying our last piece of native parkland, and push to get a state of the art storm drain system to save our park and boulevard.